A Personnal Server

Razor Server will be a personal server dedicated to self-hosting

Services already planned on the future server: Web / PHP, Database, MAIL

Project services: Webcam, Chat

Other services will certainly be available

INFO: The final infrastructure for Razor Server is being designed.

Due to many problems completely beyond our control, the opening of Razor Server is delayed, the work on the final infrastructure is not however canceled

Service under test :

- Icecast2 streaming server : http://razorserver.fr:8000

- Counter-Strike: Source game server : razorserver.fr:27015

- Team Fortress 2 game server : razorserver.fr:27016

- Banlist, request / contest a ban : http://razorserver.fr/sourcebans/

- Hosting of a bot for the Discord server of the Ardennes Découverte Production association, manager of the Ardennes Découverte blog https://ardennesdecouverte.com/serveur-vocal-discord

Razor Server - serveur perso

Personnal Server ?

A personal server is a machine that is used to host services at home, it can have many features (media center, NAS, game server, web, cloud, VOIP ...).

But what is self-hosting?

Self-hosting is a practice of hosting personal Internet services on your own machines, at home. He objects to the use of accommodation services from a service provider.

Often practiced by businesses, self-hosting also interests individuals for various reasons. It allows in particular to have control and responsibility for its own data.

Source : Wikipédia